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Amnesia Ibiza, Time Warp e Love Family Park associam-se a Event Genius

Alex Ogilvie
19 Jan
Tempo de leitura

2021 may have not had the amazing start the world was hoping for, but today we’re thrilled to be announcing some exciting news as some of Europe’s most loved and established clubbing events, festivals and venues have put pen to paper to make Event Genius their primary ticketing and event technology partner. 

The legendary Ibiza superclub Amnesia is the first to join the Event Genius fold and will utilise our egTicketing, egMarketing and egTravel solutions for their 2021 season of events and beyond.  

Amnesia represents one of the island's true great venues with a rich history going back to the 1980s. Originally famed for open-air events, sunrises on the terrace and island everpresent DJ Alfredo, the club is now home to the likes of Jamie Jones’ Paradise, elrow, Pyramid and the infamous Amnesia opening and closing parties.

Amnesia Ibiza Closing Party in full swing

“Ibiza has always been a melting pot for clubbers across the world,” noted Sergi Blaya Cutillas, Brand Manager at Amnesia. “For that reason, we need a ticketing provider who is as equally at home in Ibiza and Spain as they are in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and beyond. Having the ability to sell and promote our events to clubbers all across the world in their native language, currency and payment method through Event Genius’ egTicketing, egTravel and egMarketing solutions is a great bonus for us.”

Back on the European mainland, German festival promoter Cosmopop has now also put pen to paper for 2021, signing up some of their biggest brands with Event Genius including Love Family Park (Germany) and Time Warp (Germany).

Love Family Park 2019

Cosmopop and it's affiliate's events will benefit from an end-to-end service encompassing egTicketing, egMarketing, egTravel and egAccess products; selling tickets via the Festicket, Ticket Arena and official event websites, connecting the event brands with new audiences, offering unique travel packages and delivering a seamless onsite access control experience at all events.

Discussing the announcement, Robin Ebinger, Director at Cosmopop commented “We’ve been working with Festicket for some time as a ticketing allocation and travel partner so we always trusted their ability to deliver great results. As soon as they partnered with Event Genius and explained their new tailored end-to-end primary product that we could use across all our events and venues to help streamline our operations, we knew it was the right decision to take our relationship to the next level.” 

If you'd like to speak to us about signing up your events or festivals with Event Genius, please get in touch today. We'd love to hear from you.

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