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Ticket Arena & Event Genius launch new checkout with Apple Pay & Google Pay

Alex Ogilvie
23 Oct
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Over the summer we’ve been working hard to make big improvements to the checkout process across our white-label box offices and Ticket Arena website, to make it easier for fans to buy tickets to the live experiences they love. Last month, we were chuffed to release an update that means our event organisers and customers are now benefitting from the following improvements:

Faster checkouts:
Unlike some payment services where users are asked to sign-in to separate accounts or are redirected to another URL, with just a few clicks, customers now remain on the same webpage, simplifying the checkout process significantly.

Apple Pay & Google Pay:
Additionally, our recent update will allow us to accept payments directly from customers’ smartphones or laptops via both Apple pay and Google pay, a feature that 15% of transacting customers have used since we made it available.

There is also no need to sign up or create an account. Customers can now pay with one tap making it one of the fastest checkout experiences on the market for both new and returning customers.

Higher conversion rates:

Through these improvements, we saw an increase in conversion rate of over 36% in the month following the update, when compared to the month previous to the update.

Increased fraud protection:
Integrating with a machine learning and analytics tool, directly embedded into our payment gateway, means our team are now better equipped to identify potential fraud, meaning your events are better protected from such activity.

The update, which comes after the launch of our Reserved Seating and improved API features, is just the latest deliverable on our roadmap of new features and services that Event Genius will launch in 2018.

If you’ve got any questions or would like to take advantage of these new updates and start selling ticketing through Event Genius, get in touch or to keep up to date with future updates please subscribe by entering your email address in the page footer below.

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