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Choose Event Genius as your cashless RFID payment provider

Alex Ogilvie
4 May
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Although we were as intrigued as everyone else about the new £1 coin and £5 note, it's pretty obvious that cash is no longer king.With over half of the UK’s purchases now made using contactless payments via debit cards, Apple Pay or services like Oyster cards, it’s clear that modern consumers want to be able to pay without cash wherever they are, so why would you expect your customers to settle for anything different at your events?

What are RFID Cashless Payments?

Over the past year we’ve worked with some of the biggest events and festivals in the UK and across the globe to deliver cashless payments via Radio-frequency identification (RFID) to over 1 million customers.

RFID works by enabling a chip to communicate with an RFID scanner via radio signals. At events, the RFID chip is usually embedded in either a wristband or badge, and scanners are positioned at entrances and exits, Bars, Food stalls Merchandise stores as well as VIP zones and other areas inside the event.

What are the benefits of RFID cashless payments?

Increase customer spending by 10-25%: Our own extensive experiences with RFID payments have shown that event organisers see a 10-25% increase in overall customer spending at RFID-enabled events, and that RFID creates more opportunities for upselling packaged experiences and deals.A better experience for attendees: When your customers are at your event, the last thing they want is to have to wait in queues while those ahead count out cash or a credit card machine goes on the fritz. Our RFID solution does not require a constant connection to the internet and is easy for both your staff, vendors and customers to use, significantly reducing queuing times. Also with little cash or credit-card use on-site there are less opportunities for thieves to operate at your event.Data and insight: Speaking of vendors and speedier spending, by enabling RFID you’ll get access to a whole new level of data and insight at your events. You’ll be able to see which vendors are taking the most money and which products are selling-out, and then use this data to improve your planning for future events. Our cashless reporting and administration tools are all integrated into the Event Genius service.Reduce overheads: With faster queues, more insightful data and minimised cash handling at your event, you’l be able to plan more efficiently to reduce the cost of staffing and other overheads.Additional Benefits:

Why choose Event Genius for RFID Cashless Payments?

We’re tried and tested: In the past year alone, over 1 million consumers have used our robust RFID solution to make over 3 million payment transactions. That’s the equivalent of 7.5% of all the card payments (40.5 million) made every day in the UK.Getting RFID right can be tricky: With additional infrastructure, equipment and training needed to seamlessly implement RFID into your event, our experience will be invaluable. By choosing Event Genius as your RFID provider, you’ll have access to a full-service experience including planning, set-up, equipment, delivery, after-sales support and more.

Any Event. Any Size. Our cashless RFID payment case studies:

The Carnival (1,000,000+)

“After months of hard work and determination from the team at Event Genius it came as no surprise that their systems worked seamlessly and streamlined our ticketing and entry process.” Joshua Myers, Deputy Director Of Operations, for The CarnivalOur Solution: Based in Asia, the Event Genius team provided onsite support over a period of 3 months for the following services:

Mint Festival (Attendance 15,000)

“Event Genius worked closely with us to successfully implement RFID during the build up and throughout our event. They provided the best possible customer service and we would recommend their services.” Baz Arjomand, Mint Festival.Our Solution: We implemented our RFID cashless payments solution, providing full planning, set-up and delivery of 200 RFID devices along with full top-up, data collection and customer service to help decreased wait times and improve customer experiences across the board.Additionally, we also enabled our online voucher portal through which customers could pre-purchase credit that could be spent with vendors throughout the festival, this helped the organisers collect 25% of their total revenue (via credit vouchers) before the event had even begun.

Want to talk?

Interested in implementing our RFID cashless payments solution at your events? Then please contact our business development team via email or telephone (+44 (0) 203 051 1244) and we’ll be happy to talk.Alternatively, if you would like to discuss RFID internally with your team, download our handy guide to RFID solutions here.

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