A Event Genius é atualmente administrada pela Lyte
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A Event Genius é atualmente administrada pela Lyte
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Event Genius becomes the official ticketing platform for Cruïlla Festival

2 Feb
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Cruïlla Festival and Event Genius announce agreement to make Event Genius the official and exclusive ticketing partner for all the brand's concerts and festivals.

The partnership includes the much loved Cruïlla Festival, that will celebrate its twelfth edition in 2022, as well as additional events organised by the promoters including Cruïlla Primavera, Cruïlla Tardor, or Cruïlla XXS, and aims to strengthen the unique and personal the promoter has developed with its loyal fan base.

The efforts by Cruïlla in the recent years to offer the very best experience at every point of the fan journey is improved even further with the addition of Event Genius' egTicketing solution and access to improved data and insights to positively impact the customer experience - something which Cruïlla has pioneered in the Iberian live music events industry.

Speaking about the partnership, Jordi Herreruela, Director, Cruïlla Festival commented: “We couldn’t be happier about our agreement with Event Genius as our exclusive ticketing partner. Their dedication towards fans is totally aligned with our own. We really value receiving data that will help us improve our users’ experience, so we are excited that we can explore this aspect thoroughly with the platform provided by Event Genius."

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