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Event Genius launch new white-label rep selling solution with El Dorado Festival

Alex Ogilvie
13 Dec
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We’re delighted to announce that El Dorado Festival has extended their relationship with Event Genius by becoming the first client to take advantage of our new white-label app for rep selling.

Available for iOS and Android devices, the new white label app is based on the same robust technology that powers Ticket Arena’s Ambassador app but with one key difference: exclusivity.

This means that any fans who download and open El Dorado’s Ambassador app, will not see any other promoters in the local area offering rewards, giving the festival’s promoters the chance to build their own network of loyal fans that only make sales on their behalf.

How does rep selling work?
The idea is simple; by offering fans incentives like commission or free tickets to sell tickets to their friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS or Email, the white-label  app offers brands a cost-effective way to:

Increase sales without risk
Use push notifications to update reps with the latest offers and news
Boost virtual word of mouth without increasing social advertising spend
Track full sales data from reps (Clicks, Sales & Conversions) via unique URLs
Compare rep performance via sales leaderboards
Collect more customer and demographic data
Eradicate handling of cash
Reduce administration

Interested in a white-label ambassador app for your event or band?
Then please contact our team and we’ll be happy to talk you through the requirements and options you have available.

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