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Event Genius launches new Ticket Widget feature

13 Jan
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We are very happy to announce the delivery of our new widget code generator, giving promoters the ability to generate a ticket listing and supporting info to embed wherever they like on their websites, from within the Event Genius dashboard.

The new functionality replaces linking to external box offices, and greatly improves the look and feel of promoter websites, whilst streamlining the ticket booking process and allowing for greater customisation.

What is the Tickets Widget?
The widget displays various pieces of event information and ticket selection UI, in a format easily deployed onto our partner’s websites. Within the widgets, ticket buyers can browse event information and add tickets to their basket. Because it’s a configurable widget, promoters now have much more control over the content in and around the ticket selection process. Some might want to deploy it onto a detailed, heavily styled event page, others may want to keep it super-simple, injecting it into a simple, clean product page.

Check out a live example of our Tickets Widget here.

Key features
•  Promoters can choose to display any combination of optional event details.
•  Promoters can preview the widget within the tool as they make changes, without publishing.
•  Users can either view the code within the widget or copy it to Clipboard, ready to embed.
•  Box Office themes from my.eventgenius will carry through to the widget, enabling on-brand styling.

How to use it

•  Create your box office theme in the my.eventgenius dashboard.
•  Configure as required using the toggle buttons.
•  Copy and paste the code from the generator.
•  Provide the code to your web developer for implementation on your site.

For help using our new widget feature or just to chat about how Event Genius by Festicket can help with your events please get in touch and subscribe to our newsletter below:

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