A Event Genius é atualmente administrada pela Lyte
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A Event Genius é atualmente administrada pela Lyte
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Event Genius & Ticket Arena announce partnership with Festival Safe

Alex Ogilvie
24 de maio
Tempo de leitura

You never forget your first festival. Whether it’s memories of the good: fun with friends, amazing performances and a heap of laughs, or the bad: forgetting to pack for wet weather or having your belongings stolen from your tent, it all stays with you for a lifetime.

The team here at Event Genius and Ticket Arena know all about both and are committed to making sure that fans get to enjoy the best festival experiences, which is why we’re proud to announce our new partnership with Festival Safe.

Launched at the end of April by Jon Drape – director of several high-profile UK festivals including Parklife and Snowbombing and Group Production Director of Broadwick Live - Festival Safe is an initiative designed by festival organisers, industry professionals and the emergency services. It aims to make it easy for first-time and regular festival goers to find vital information and advice about camping, crime, drugs and alcohol, sexual health, mental health and more.

Talking about the service, Drape said: “Festival Safe is a one-stop shop for how to have the best possible time. It’s not a rule book to batter people around the head with, it’s a considered and knowing guide drawn from decades of collective experience, good and bad, to ensure everyone has an amazing time from first-timers to seasoned veterans.”

Upon confirming the partnership, Alex Ogilvie, Head of Marketing for Event Genius and Ticket Arena said: “Until now, fans have had to rely on the word-of-mouth advice from their friends and other fans online, which can often be a little over the top or inaccurate. Festival Safe helps solve that and gives fans the sort of practical advice and confidence that only comes with experience.”

Festival Safe is available to all organisations invested in promoting well-being and safety at their events, you can learn more by heading to their website.

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