A Event Genius é atualmente administrada pela Lyte
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A Event Genius é atualmente administrada pela Lyte
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Product Update: Unified Shop & User Accounts

26 Jul
Tempo de leitura

A roundup of our latest features for our partners and customers.

New stores

We now have a full range of fully flexible stores across Festicket, Ticket Arena and our white label solution. These stores are all controllable from Event Genius admin and offer our event partners the ability to control the design and set of products (tickets, accommodation, packages, transports, extras, cashless vouchers, etc.) they would like to list on each store, perfect for running pre-sales, offers and other specific campaigns. Sales and analytics from all stores are harmonised in a partner’s Event Genius dashboard, allowing them to track real-time analytics from campaigns.

New user accounts

We’ve freshened up our user accounts, giving our users a new and better experience when they log in. This part of the website had gathered some dust over time, so we’re really pleased to have given it a well-needed refresh. Once logged in, a user will now be able to easily:

•  View a full list of bookings (past and upcoming) from across Festicket and Ticket Arena
•  Track their cancelled, refunded or on-hold bookings. This is particularly important on the back of COVID-19 event cancellations and postponements
•  See their wish-listed festivals
•  Check and edit which artists they’re following

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