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A Event Genius é atualmente administrada pela Lyte
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New Feature: Reserved Seating by Event Genius

Alex Ogilvie
10 May
Tempo de leitura

After months of hard work and testing, the team at Event Genius is delighted to announce the launch of our newest feature: Reserved Seating.

Built on the same platform used to manage on-sales for huge festivals like AMP Lost & Found, our solution includes:

- A mobile-first design
- Bespoke seating plans for each event
- The ability to categorise your ticket prices
- The option for fans to choose the ‘best available’ seat or pick one for themselves
- And also preview the view from their seat

The new feature, which seamlessly integrates with our existing solutions, makes it simple to add seating plans for events with hundreds or tens of thousands of seats, making it perfect for:

- Stadiums and sports clubs
- Arenas
- Theatres
- Award ceremonies
- Club VIP tables and more

We are pleased to announce that Ibiza Rocks will be among the first of our clients to use this service to sell a variety of bar benches, sun loungers and tables within their VIP areas at their events across the summer. The service will also cater perfectly to sports venues.

“We’re thrilled to be able to add reserved seating to our ever growing suite of services,” said Ticket Arena and Event Genius Managing Director Reshad Hossenally, who believes it makes the company’s offering more complete: “Adding reserved seating as an option alongside our other award winning technologies, such as Event Genius Pay, contributes to our aim of becoming the ultimate one-stop shop for event organisers and venues of all sizes”

If you have any questions about this new feature, contact your Account Manager or our Sales team here.

Learn more about our Reserved Seating solution.

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