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A Event Genius é atualmente administrada pela Lyte
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You won’t believe how much FREE marketing your New Year’s Eve and Day events can get with us

Alex Ogilvie
23 Oct
Tempo de leitura

No matter how much money you spend on flyers and posters, social adverts or special offers, getting the numbers in for your New Year’s Eve is not an easy task for any event marketing team, so why not give them a helping hand?

When selling tickets to your New Year’s Eve (NYE) – or the increasingly popular evening of New Year’s Day (NYD) – events with us, our expert online-marketing team will work with you to help you shift tickets, and it won’t cost you a penny.

Just create an account with Event Genius, create your event and add a ticket allocation to our Ticket Arena marketplace and your event will be promoted on the following social and marketing channels for FREE. Or, reach out to your account manager directly for assistance!

Benefits of selling tickets via Ticket Arena:

2.53 million monthly pageviews
1.8+ newsletter subscribers.
124k Facebook likes.
43k Twitter followers.

What we’ll do to boost your New Year’s Eve and Day ticket sales:

Online Retargeting: Any event listed on the Ticket Arena site will be added to our retargeting systems. This means that any customers who view your event listings and don’t buy a ticket will see adverts reminding them about your event as they continue to browse the web.

Abandon Cart Emails:
Another service we’ll be offering to all events this New Year’s is our targeted abandoned cart marketing emails. Specifically generated to any customer who failed to complete an order to your event, these mailers convert to sales 25% of the time and are often the last little push someone needs to make a purchase.

Marketing Emails:
Alongside our automated solutions, our marketing department will also be hand curating numerous regional New Year’s marketing emails to our 1 million+ email subscribers, as well as reserving space in weekly newsletters for New Year’s events and related editorial.

New Year’s guides:
With over 2.5 million monthly pageviews, exposure on Ticket Arena news and editorial pages can help your events reach new, untapped audiences. This year we’re pulling together events guides that will be frequently edited and updated, supported heavily across our social media channels, be included in additional national and regional newsletters as well as feature in website advert slots during December.

Any Questions?

If you’re still unsure about the changes or would like to talk in more detail about our New Year’s marketing plans, please contact your account manager or the Client Services team via email or telephone, +44 (0) 113 350 4114.

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