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Diga não às filas: como criar o evento perfeito para os fãs

James Kilpin
26 Apr
Tempo de leitura

As live events and festivals return, it’s clear that the pandemic has altered attendees expectations and priorities as to how events should be delivered and experienced. 

One thing that came up frequently in our recent customer survey was an obvious desire for event organisers to find ways of minimising queues. Read the full survey results here.

While it’s not a new phenomenon – event attendees and festival-goers have wanted to avoid queues for years – it is yet another consideration that has taken on a new dimension in the wake of coronavirus, as fans look to reduce overcrowding wherever possible.

So, how do you best to work on reducing queuing time throughout the entire experience – whether that’s on entry, audience flow across site, restricted access points such as VIP areas or at bars and food vendors? 

Our end-to-end solution for ticketing, access, cashless and more can help to cut down on queuing and keep attendees feeling both safe and satisfied. Here’s how:

egTicketing - Timed Entry Ticketing

•  Avoid overcrowding at entry points and improve ingress flow by staggering attendee arrival with Timed Entry tickets, redeemable only during specific time slots.
•  Create a manageable flow of attendees to maintain efficiency, health and safety standards and customer satisfaction.
•  Our flexible solution can be configured to meet any timed entry schedule.

egTicketing - Mobile Tickets 

•  Speed up entry and reduce queues with ease, and eliminate fraud, with digital ticketing and the egPassport ticket wallet app.
•  Remove the need for paper tickets, eradicating physical contact points between fans and staff.

egTicketing - Limit ‘on the door’ ticketing 

•  Maximise last minute ticket sales without the need for a physical box office on site at your venue, reducing fan to staff contact points and potential queuing spots further.  
•  Seamlessly synchronise live online sales with your on-the-door ticket scanning operation, removing the need to ever close online sales for your events. 

egAccess - Access Control

•  Spread out fans across multiple entry points, all managed centrally by egAccess. 
•  Use self-service unmanned ticket scanning terminals to reduce the amount of audience to staff contact.
•  Monitor entry flow data for your event whilst tracking customer movements across different site locations with reliable, real time data to avoid queue build ups.

egPay - COVID-secure Cashless & Contactless solution

Ensure faster transactions and shorter queues at bars and food vendors across your events, creating a more natural visitor flow.
•  Allow customers to add wristband credit at self-service top-up stations across your site, or on the move via their mobile device, to further reduce staff to fan contact. 
•  View real-time data and analyse stock, product and location performance to avoid queue build up at bars and vendors across your event site. 

egPay in action at Detonate Festival

If you’d like to speak to us about how egTicketing, egAccess and egPay can reduce queues at your events, festivals and venues, get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you! If you'd like to learn more about how our products and services can help you run events as we emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic, read more here.

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