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A Event Genius é atualmente administrada pela Lyte
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Our values: We are Open

James Kilpin
12 Jul
Tempo de leitura

As we continue to explore the values that will shape the future of Event Genius – from discussing how we decided upon them, to examining what each means in practice – attention turns to the next value at the core of what we do: We are Open.

Todos nós contribuímos para criar um ambiente inclusivo; tanto para dar uma opinião como para pedir ajuda. Somos sinceros, abertos e ouvimo-nos uns aos outros.  

Being open means that:

• Sincerity and candour drive how and what we communicate
• We’re unafraid of dissent and messengers are embraced and listened to (never shot!).
• We ask questions and ask for help when we need it.
• We are engaged with our work, identifying opportunities for change and constantly challenging each other constructively.

It does not mean that:

• Directness is a licence for rudeness.
• Feedback is an endpoint without follow-up action or acknowledgement.
• We are careless with our language and manipulative in our actions.
• Showing vulnerability is letting your team down.

Geraldine Williamson, Customer Success Manager:

"I think it’s really exciting that we have ‘We are Open’ as a value; when something is open it implies something can be taken out of it, and hopefully something good!

There are different ways that we can demonstrate openness in the workplace; whether it’s being open to feedback, open to change, open to putting your hand up and asking for assistance.

I think the beauty of openness is also that it doesn’t require us to run out and make radical changes necessarily straight away, but at a minimum it helps us to listen and genuinely consider new ideas, and the people, the messengers, behind them."
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