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A Event Genius é atualmente administrada pela Lyte
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Payment Plan by Ticket Arena records £1 million worth of ticket sales in debut year

9 Feb
Tempo de leitura

For a lot of people a festival ticket may be the crown jewel of a year’s expenditure, but often it’s also one of the biggest expenses that we’ll have all year long. With so many fantastic options out there, choosing which festival to splurge on can be a tricky task, and often the difference between two festivals is as simple as timing. Tickets are on sale and selling fast, but can I really afford a ticket now? Maybe I should wait until next payday.

That’s fine, but then maybe when the next payday comes around a different festival will have caught the eye; so how do we ensure that your event doesn’t come at the wrong time? The answer is simple: Payment Plan.

Payment Plan allows customers to secure their tickets without having to fork out hundreds of pounds in one go, making the expense a much more manageable prospect. Allowing them to pay for their tickets in a series of instalments removes the disincentive of breaking the bank and having to cling on until the next pay cheque clears, instead offering customers a chance to make their purchase without too much disruption to their regular budget.

In 2016, average monthly payments for TA Payment Plan events were just £36.75, which is perhaps a good indicator of why Ticket Arena was able to sell nearly a million pounds worth of tickets, it looks like we’re not the only ones that appreciate the merits of Payment Plan…

If you’re as into the idea as we are, why not let our Client Services team set up, administer and report on Payment Plan for your premium-priced event? By offering a more flexible option to your potential customers you’ll only be improving your service. The customer wins, you win; just what we want to see.

To see Payment Plan in action, please click here.

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