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Why the latest update to Google Chrome has made HTTPS essential for event websites

Alex Ogilvie
25 Jul
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If you use the Google Chrome web browser on your computer or phone, you may have noticed some security warnings on some of the websites you use most often.

This has been caused by an update to the browser which has added a warning alerting users whenever they have navigated to a site that does not meet the HTTPS web protocol standard.

It has caught some of the UK’s largest websites, like the Daily Mail, Argos and Boohoo, on the hop and it may be affecting several of your websites as well.

What is HTTPS?
Websites that meet the HTTPS standard encrypt all the communications sent between a web browser and a website, meaning that even if a hacker was to intercept any data between you and your customers they would not be able to use private details, such as address or credit card details, that were entered via your site.

What does this mean for my websites?
While customers may still be happy to enter their personal details into non-HTTPS websites, like any warning provided by Google, it’s likely to affect their purchasing behaviour as HTTPS becomes an expected standard.

How can I update my site to HTTPS?
First and foremost, you should contact your website developer to consider the best way to meet the HTTPS standard on your site. If you no longer have access to a developer, then it is prudent to do some research as to the best method of migrating your website from HTTP to HTTPS.

Helpful Resources:
Moving to Https
Migrating HTTP to HTTPS: A step-by-step guide

Still need help?
Alternatively, if want to talk to about building an entirely new website for your events or brand, then please contact us today and we’ll be able to help.

You can read more about our web development services here.

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